We are pleased to announce that a new device is now part of our product range: the WiPass-CAN Wi-Fi bidirectional CAN bus modules are unique tools that allow to easily build a Wi-Fi bridge among different CAN lines.
Each module communicates bidirectionally with the other node, repeating the received packages, for both CAN lines separately.

Main benefits of WiPass-CAN Wi-Fi bidirectional CAN bus modules

The WiPass-CAN nodes permit to connect 2 components of a CAN system (e.g. an electronic joystick and an electronic CAN interface) without requiring a wiring and consequently making much easier every type of installation: you just need to provide the power supply.
Furthermore, this also implies the possibility to connect and control together different machines or vehicles, even if they are completely independent.


For more information, please see the technical sheets below or directly contact us: