Faber-Com is pleased to announce the launch of its new radio remote truck driving system!
Thanks to a CAN bus interface, equipped with a dedicated software and our Scanreco G3 systems, you can remotely drive your truck like you were in the cabin.
To have an overview of our system, please check the scheme below:

As you can see, this scheme shows an application on a Volvo truck (EXSTER variant). However, our system could be implemented onto any brand of truck, provided that it has an integrated external steering input. (e.g. Scania)
We offer a complete, turnkey solution, that includes all the necessary components:

  • A CAN bus controller, to be interfaced with the OEM’s external steering input
  • The complete wiring, making the system a “plug-and-play” solution that can be installed with minimum effort
  • A dedicated tower light with omni-directional acoustic alarm, in order to warn whenever the system is active
  • The Scanreco G3 CAN bus radio remote control, complete with all accessories. On option, the Scanreco transmitter can be equipped with a tilt sensor. This feature allows to automatically turn the system off if the operator drops its portable control unit

The radio remote truck driving functions

Obviously, the Scanreco radio remote control can command steering (left and right) and drive (back and forward) of the truck. These aren’t however the only functions that can be remoted!
From your transmitter, you will have the whole truck under control, with the possibility to command:

  • Start and stop of the truck engine
  • Activation of the suspensions
  • Service brake
  • Lights
  • …and more

Main benefits of the system

The possibility to command a truck from distance implies evident benefits for the operator in different application fields. For example, this option proves to be very useful whenever driving the truck in dangerous and/or narrow areas.
Furthermore, our system can make much faster and easier load and unload operations, allowing the operator to perform them autonomously.


If you wish to receive more information, just to give us a call at +39 (0)522 960428 or send us an e-mail at info(at)fabercom.it