The Radio-controlled electric forklift without pilot helps earthquake victims.

To restart the economy of Emilia Romagna, affected by the earthquake, comes the smart radio-controlled electric forklift; a machine without driver, headed by a computer, able to enter in the stores impracticable after the quake.
Loads and downloads just as the workers would do, carrying on the works stopped from weeks. The service realized by VisLab of Parma University, is totally free of charges for the companies affected by the earthquake.

The idea, explained by the authors of VisLab came after the second big quake that hit Emilia Romagna last May; VisLab together with TopCon (a multinational company whose the Italian office, based in Concordia, was also affected by the earthquake), Electric80 (leading manufacturer of shuttles for automatic handling of stocks) and FaberCom (manufacturer of remote controls for hydraulic machines) have formed a team with the aim of offer their technologies to the nearby companies who suffered serious damages.
Many of the damages company buildings, and therefore not practicable, still retain goods that cannot be recovered in a short time.

If you wish to read the complete article (in Italian language),  you can find it at following link.