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  • Scanreco G2B


    Our range of Scanreco G2B radio remote controls includes proportional systems, with Mini or Maxi transmitters, linear levers or cross joysticks, with or without display.
    G2B receivers can be supplied with voltage, ratiometric or PWM outputs. Like for G4 systems, the CAN bus output is present, as standard, in all the receivers.

    aerial platform - piattaforma aerea

    Aerial Platforms

    concrete pump - pompa da calcestruzzo

    Concrete Pumps

    drilling rig - macchina perforatrice

    Drilling Rigs

    excavator - escavatore


    forestry and hay cranes - gru forestali e da fieno

    Forestry Cranes

    forklift - carrello elevatore


    pile driver machine - macchina piantapali

    Piledriver Machines

    marine crane - gru marina

    Marine Cranes

    scissor lift - sollevatore a forbice

    Scissor Lifts

    telehandler - carrello telescopico


    truck mounted crane - gru su camion

    Truck Mounted Cranes

    wood chipper - cippatrice

    Wood Chippers

    tracked remote controlled vehicles - veicoli cingolati radiocomandati

    Tracked Vehicles

    skip loader - ribaltabile

    Skip Loaders



    Example of Scanreco G2B radio remote control installed on a “Worky-Quad” mini loader. The system was developed according to the customer specifications and allows to control both the traction and the lifting maneuvers.

    Scanreco g2b
    Scanreco g2b
    Scanreco G2B
    Scanreco g2b
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