Our new MAP2L single axis PWM joysticks are electronic manipulators with direct power outputs, able to directly drive a couple of PWM solenoid valves.

Joystick command is based on the measurement of magnetic field of a permanent magnet through redundant Hall effect probes, not subject to wear and tear.

Technical features of MAP2L single axis PWM joysticks

Main features:

  • one proportional section (A+B) direct control (2 PWM outputs max 2.5A);
  • adjustable minimum/maximum current for each directions (A+B);
  • modifiable rise/fall time ramp up to 10 seconds;
  • adjustable PWM frequency from 50 to 300 Hz;
  • input for speed reduction or deadman feature or “fault” output (default);
  • frictioned paddle version available;
  • output curve shape: linear or parabolic (selectable);
  • DV digital output is activate when the paddle is out from zero.

All working parameters are adjustable through a serial port and the Windows SepSim program using a special serial port adapter (AISR).

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Furthermore, we are pleased to inform that, starting from November 2019, a new version of this joystick for marine application is available. This new model is called MAP3L: these manipulators are subjected to specific treatmentes, to make the joystick resistant to high-salinity environments.