Our MAP3 marine joysticks are finally available.

These single-axis electronic manipulators are characterized by the use of materials subjected to specific treatments, which made the joystick resistant to high salinity environments. Indeed in these places, on normal basis, the high concentration of salt in the air might corrode the manipulator and damage it.

Therefore, that is why our MAP3 are the best solution for every type of nautical or port application.

Like the corresponding MAP2, MAS2 and MAC2 versions, our MAP3 marine joysticks are completely programmable. To change its parameters, you simply require our SepSim program (provided free of charge) and our AIS serial adapter.

Moreover, like our standard versions, MAP3 can be supplied:

  • With PWM, voltage (also Danfoss ratiometric) or CAN bus outputs
  • Either with simple know or finger joysticks (black or red colors available)
  • With spring return or mechanical friction

For more information, please see our technical sheet or feel free to directly contact our technical dept.