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  • Forest crane control


    Faber-Com forestry crane control systems are based on different components, all communicating on a CAN bus network.
    In particular, our STUi control card, thanks to its 8+8 proportional PWM outputs and different analogue and digital inputs, allows to fully control all the functions of the machine.

    Each system, entirely customizable according the application specification, also integrates:

    • A couple of JC joysticks, to control the crane from the cabin
    • One CanView4 colour display, to configure the working modes and, on option, enable a camera streaming
    • A Scanreco G3 radio remote control to command the timber loader from distance

    The possibility of double control (from the cabine and remote) is a big advantage for the operator. Indeed, this feature not only makes the work easier, but also increase the safety on the workplace.

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