Our new harvester self levelling system allows the regulation of the elevation of the vehicle according to the inclination of the ground, using the activation of the vehicle’s rear suspensions.

This solution, developed by Faber-Com thanks to its collaboration with Possanzini-Barchetta, is mainly based on a specific gyroscopic inclination sensor and a graphic colour display.
In particular, the display not only offers a simple and intuitive interface, but also provides the digital outputs to control the machine inclination.

Control of the harvester self levelling function

Through the controls provided by the display, the operator of the machine can choose different operating modes:

  • MANUAL: the regulation is made by the push buttons UP and DOWN, with no automatic functions
  • AUTOMATIC: the system self-levels at 0° inclination
  • ROAD: the system is deactivated to allow the normal displacement of the vehicle when it is not harvesting

For more information, you can visit the website of Possanzini-Barchetta at www.possanzini-barchetta.it or send an e-mail to our technical dept.