Our company celebrates the Faber-Com 30 years anniversary! As we usually say, our team has built up over time a wonderful story. But what is this story?

Our story: 30 years of Faber-Com

Faber-Com was born on 13th March 1989 by the will of two founding partners. One of them, Mr. Marco Magnani is still today the CEO and owner of the company. Therefore, notwithstanding Faber-Com has grown up a lot during these years, we are proud to still define ourselves as a family-owned company.

From the beginning, we specialized in the production and development of integrated control systems for mobile hydraulic machines.

In 1999, we started our long-lasting cooperation with Scanreco and in 2012, we further strengthened our partnership by founding “Scanreco South Europe”, which is located in our same premises.

Today, Faber-Com has 35 employees, an overall turnover of more than 14M € and we export in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The key of our success can be identified in three main prerogatives:

  • Our flexibility and willingness to supply our customers with the best and most customised solutions. Some examples: since we first started our cooperation with Scanreco, we have developed over 3200 different customised versions of radio remote controls; only in the last 5 years, we have produced more than 300 models of joysticks.
  • Our ability as system integrators, to combine our products and supply a complete solution to our customers.
  • The good and positive relationship that we managed to establish with all our partners: OEMs and distributors in Europe and worldwide

Thank you all!

However, we didn’t built the story of our success alone. Every accomplishment was made possible by the teamwork with our partners, suppliers and dealers. And of course, all the members that joined our team along these years had a crucial role, too.

Therefore, if we can celebrate today the Faber-Com 30 years anniversary, it is also thanks to you all!

We wish to thank you everyone and we look forward to the coming 30 years of innovations. Of course, always bearing in mind our motto: “So Easy, So Safe”.