The range of the accessories dedicated to Scanreco G5 radio remote control systems widens even more with the introduction of a new and very smart tool: the cradle indicator for Rocket Flex transmitters.


Installation and working of the cradle indicator for Rocket Flex

This sensor can be easily mounted on the back of standard battery chargers for Rocket Flex radio remote controls with its accompanying bolt.
Whenever the user places the transmitter into the battery charger, the cradle indicator will give a digital output. Both normally open and normally closed contacts are available.

In this way, it is possible for example to connect the given signal to an acoustic or visual warning message on the vehicle. The signal will activate whenever the transmitter is not insterted, preventing the risk of losing or forgetting it at the workplace (like with our DFM device for Scanreco G1, G2, G2B and G3 PCUs).