Discover our brand new version of CAN-bus Hand Control Unit!
Our device can be connected to any type of ECU or PLC (like our STU-PWMi control card), simply using a CAN-bus port.

The new Faber-Com’s HCU provides all the required controls directly in your hand. The external case is made of glass-filled polyamides, which guarantee high mechanical strength, as well as a high degree of hardness and toughness.

Its major benefit is the possibility to use it at the same time as a mobile and fixed control. On the one hand, the integrated hooks and magnet allow to safely fix it on the vehicle, whereas on the other hand, the convenient handle and carrying strap permit to move it and use it outside the cabin.

Like our multifunction armrest, our CAN-bus Hand Control Unit can be customized with different types of:

For more information or a tailored evaluation of your project, please feel free to directly contact our technical department.